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Pokies or online pokies is the term used for slots inAustralia. The term pokies originated and is exclusively used in Australia. Thegrowth of online pokies is closely linked to the growth of pokies at brick andmortar casinos. Online pokies offer more or less all the features that areavailable at land based casinos, especially features such as multi line bets, gamblingfeatures, bonus features, and free pokes games. There are different types ofonline pokies available at casinos and they can be categorized based on thenumber of lines, the number of reels, free spins offered, bonus features, andthe type of jackpots offered.

Three reel pokies are quite popular at most casinos bothonline and brick and mortar. One of the main reasons for their popularity isthe huge jackpots that these pokies offer, that too for a small betting amount.Some of the most popular three reel pokies games are Diamond deal and Bullseye.

Multi line video pokies are another favorite on the internetand they have close to 5 to 25 pay lines. They are quite popular as gamblers donot have to pay a huge sum in order to play these games. At most casinos,players just need to spend one penny per line to play these games. These videopokies have varied themes that make the game even more exciting.

Bonuses are always an attraction at online pokies. Usuallyon winning a round, players get to play a bonus feature that offers the gambleran extra chance to win some money. Some of these bonus features could be gameswhere as others might require the gambler to spin a jackpot wheel to win thebonus.

These are some of the online pokies available on theinternet for garblers. Players can access these games by simply creating anaccount at the online casino of their choice. However, before choosing a particularonline casino it is prudent that the gambler conducts all the preliminarychecks that need to be done.